How International Shipping Rates Are Determined

When shipping your car overseas from the UK, whether it is to Australia or to Spain, the majority of car shipping companies will give you the option of how to ship your car, this will most likely come down to two main options for you to choose from, these are Roll on/Roll off (RoRo) or container shipping. While the two of these options offer relatively the same result of shipping your car from location A to location B they are in fact quite different and understanding which choice you should make plays a very large roll in terms of the price you will pay to deliver your car.

Roll on/Roll off shipping vessels are 중국배대지 specifically designed for the transportation of cars and trucks and are usually the main choice of most customers as well as car manufacturers when transporting their vehicles all around the world.

Due to the sheer size of the modern RoRo vessels they are capable of holding up to a staggering 6,000 cars per sailing, and coinciding with how easy the vessels are to load due to them just having the cars drive up a ramp into the vessels and then having them park up and be secured for the rest of the journey, they are very much like a floating car park. The speed with which the vessel is able to be loaded and with the amount of vehicles that it can hold this usually makes RoRo shipping the cheaper option when deciding to ship your car overseas, the one major downfall to RoRo shipping is that you are not always permitted to ship personal items in your car when it is being shipped, this is due to the fact that the shipping company is not insured to ship your personal belongings just the vehicle itself, and with your vehicle having to be unlocked for the entire journey to ensure that if anything does go wrong the shipping company is able to move your vehicle if it is required.

Container shipping may be able to provide you with a better solution if you have certain shipping requirements that just can’t be met by RoRo shipping, this can be one of many different reasons like the type of vehicle you are shipping is not suited for RoRo shipping, or your intended destination does not allowing RoRo services to be docked at the port.

Standard containers come in two sizes when shipping they are 20′ and 40′ in length. While you are quite easily capable of shipping one car or 4×4 into a 20′ container, you can have sufficient space within a 40′ container to ship two average size vehicles so it may even prove to be more cost effective than that of RoRo in this circumstance. In addition to being able to ship multiple vehicles within large enough containers you are also permitted to ship personal items within the vehicles that you are shipping hence saving yourself further charges again.

So when deciding how you want to ship your vehicle you need to look at what you are going to be shipping and whether or not you want to ship personal items with your vehicle as well, for your average Joe shipping their vehicle overseas they are going to ship their vehicle with RoRo giving them an easier time with shipping, but for somebody who is maybe shipping multiple cars or has personal items to ship along with their vehicle they are going to want to ship their vehicle within containers allowing them to save money since they are shipping in bulk.