Eddie Patella Describes the Hobbies He Enjoys and Explains Why He Loves Them

Eddie Patella is a sales manager located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. While work takes up a lot of his time, he still manages to find time for all of the hobbies that appeal to him. Mr. Patella has a wide array of hobbies. Read on as he describes more about the hobbies he enjoys and the reason he enjoys those specific hobbies.

Attending Car Shows

Attending car meets is a favorite of Eddie Patella’s any time of year. There are many to choose from in the greater Charlotte area this time of year. A few coming up that Eddie hopes to attend include the Chair City Car Show, Jamestown Classic Cars and Coffee Meet Up, Thunder Road Cruise In, and Shriners Drag Racing & Hot Rod Expo. Mr. Patella enjoys attending car shows because you get to see a huge selection of cars, including rare cars that you no longer get to see on the streets.


enjoys golfing at many of the beautiful courses in his area. Some of his favorites include Winston Lake Golf Course, Wilshire Golf Club, Old Town Club, and Maple Chase Golf and Country Club. Golfing is a great way to burn off steam, get exercise and enjoy time outside. Golfing is a hobby that anyone can take up, as there are courses for people of all skill levels. Those who are starting out can also start by going to a putting green or driving range and practicing their skills.

Real Estate Investing and Restoration

Another of Eddie Patella’s many passions includes real estate investing and the restoration of historical properties. The Winston-Salem, NC area offers many historical treasures, including the Christoph Vogler House, Old Salem Museums & Gardens, The Graylyn Estate, as well as Historic Bethabara Park. Real estate investing and restoration is an expensive and time-consuming hobby. However, Mr. Patella loves knowing that he took something old and restored it back to its former glory. This is a great way to preserve history and learn about many different types of architecture.

Electrical Biking

The newest hobby that Eddie Patella is involving himself with is electrical biking, also sometimes referred to as electrical cycling. Electrical biking involves riding electric bikes to get around. Electric biking has some of the same benefits as traditional bicycling. You can get around town while feeling the wind in your face. However, unlike traditional cycling, you do not have to pedal, which takes the hard work out of bicycling. This allows you to enjoy the ride without having to put forth as much effort.

Eddie Patella enjoys life. When he is not at work or spending time with his new wife, he has many different hobbies that he enjoys spending time immersing himself in. Some of his favorite hobbies include attending car shows, playing golf, investing in real estate and restoring older homes and electrical biking. Mr. Patella encourages everyone to carve some time out of their busy schedule to enjoy doing the things that they love.